Indulge your tastebuds at Muswellbrook Marketplace

Indulge your tastebuds at Muswellbrook Marketplace

You no longer need to limit your shopping experience at Muswellbrook Marketplace to a hasty rush in and out. Our expanding range of gourmet eateries mean the shopping precinct is the perfect hub for a leisurely lunch.

Explore the umami of oriental cuisine at Noodle Express and Toto Sushi. Using fresh, wholesome ingredients and authentic Japanese techniques, the Toto team skilfully prepare a range of delicious rolls, nigiri and mixed packs daily. Their vibrant cabinet features glossy sashimi, crispy katsu and colourful vegetarian options. You’re guaranteed a refreshing and refuelling fix.

Noodle Express offers an abundant range of delicious Asian dishes that hit the spot. You’ll find classics like savoury Mongolian Beef and creamy Satay Chicken, paired with moorish egg noodles and crisp vegetables. Throw away your table manners and slurp them up, it’s a compliment to the chef!

Indulging in a Kebab is no longer limited to a 3am hit after a big night out. Whether you’re after a falafel fix or mouth-watering meat, the friendly team at Hunter Kebab can fulfil your cravings and satisfy that grumbling belly. They prepare their salads daily so this is one kebabery that will leave you feeling good.

You can never go wrong with the humble sandwich for lunch. Subway is known worldwide for quality, freshness and flavour. Select from their simple range of deli meats or experiment with a limited flavour. Don’t forget to grab one of their infamous cookies on your way out.

The aromatic fragrance of fresh bread wafting from our bakery is sure to entice you. Next time you’re rushing past and grabbing a loaf, take a moment to stop. Try one of their specialty products baked daily with love. You can never go wrong with a flaky meat pie, crusty bread roll or fluffy finger bun, lathered with frosting and coconut.

Trying to plan a coffee date with friends but struggling to find the time between running around? Kill two birds with one stone! Drop by Muswellbrook Marketplace, cross off that grocery list then sit back and indulge in a Fibonacci coffee. The cosy cafe delivers a high-quality grind, tantalising sweets and an extensive selection of breakfast, lunch and to-go classics. Check out their daily specials board for a delicious Thai beef salad or scrumptious pancake stack.

Life is too short to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of running errands. Take a moment to reward yourself for ticking off that checklist and getting things done. Muswellbrook Marketplace’s revitalised foodie hub is bound to satisfy your lunchtime slump and give you the boost you need to tackle the rest of your day.

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